Using your God given Power of Visualization

Using Your Power Of Visualization

“Discover How to ‘Trick’ your
Subconscious Mind into Getting you
Everything you Want in Life —

By Using your God-Given
Power of Visualization!”

Re-program Your Mind to Eliminate Fear, Doubts
and Negative Thinking From Your Consciousness
and Welcome Love, Joy and Well-being!

You may not want to hear what I’m going to say next, but it’s a fact — not only a fact but a LAW — a law of mind science!

Everything negative in your life — every money problem, every failed relationship — every worry and anxiety you are dealing with — is created in one place only — and that place is…

…in your own Mind!

Beware of Negative Visualization

You see, probably without even being aware if it, you are
already visualizing every single minute of the day.

In Mind Science, visualization is defined as seeing and feeling yourself IN YOUR OWN MIND, in your imagination, already being a certain way…

…It is your mental reality — it is your self-image, self-esteem, and beliefs about yourself and others.

And when you worry about money shortage when you worry about sickness or disease, or about a bad relationship or lack of love in your life, you are visualizing— you are “seeing yourself” having these problems.

So you see, you are already an expert at visualizing the things you DON’T want.

Now you need to learn how to visualize what you DO WANT and begin to create the life of your dreams.

Positive Visualization
Works Like Magic!

I’m always very careful about how I use the term ‘magic’, but I’ve been teaching visualization workshops for years and I confess I have seen some astonishing results that can only be described as miraculous!

No doubt about it. Positive visualization always works – if YOU work it. Sometimes it takes a while — but often, results happen so fast, it can make your head swim.

When you practice visualization CORRECTLY, amazing things begin to happen spontaneously — AS IF BY MAGIC — in your life!

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