Inner Smile Meditation

Practice the inner smile when you are tense, angry, anxious or depressed. Smile into the part of the body that is experiencing the tension and pressure, and you will see how the negative energy is gradually transformed into positive, vital life force. The exhausting negative emotions will be transformed into positive energy and vitality. Smile away the emotions. The energy of the smile can transform emotional energy into powerful energy – if you smile enough in emotions such as anger, tension, fear and impatience.

Smile away pain and illness

if you experience pain or discomfort in any part of your body, or if you feel sick in a particular organ, keep smiling and talking to these parts of yourself; let them respond to you, say something back – until you notice that they become softer or more open, or that their color changes from dull and dark to bright light.

Use in daily life

Try to do the inner smile every day as soon as you wake up. That will elevate your entire day. If you love your own body, you will be more loving towards other people and will be able to do your work more effectively. Once you learn it and practice the inner smile regularly, if you are short on time you can do it faster, within minutes.

Gathering the smile energy in the navel

It is very important to store the smile energy in the navel at the end. Most of the bad consequences of meditation are caused by an excess of energy in the head or heart. The navel area can safely handle the stronger energy brought about by the inner smile.
To collect the smile energy, focus on the navel area, which is about 3.5 centimeters inside your body. Then spiral that energy around your navel 36 times with your mind power; do not get your attention above the diaphragm or below the pubic bone. Women begin to spiral counterclockwise, men clockwise. Then reverse the movement and return the energy to the navel in 24 circular movements. Use your finger to guide the movement the first few times. The energy is now safely stored in your body and always available when you need it – for any part of the body.

You have now completed the inner smile.

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