The secret of happiness

The Secret of Happiness

Discover The Secret Of Happiness And Learn How To Apply It In Your Life!

The video you just watched is a brief excerpt from Rev. Ike’s eye-opening FULL-LENGTH Audio lesson (on MP3), “The Secret of Happiness.”

Rev. Ike begins this dynamic lesson, “The Secret of Happiness,” by taking you through some of the definitions and meanings of the happiness you desire: 

  • a feeling of contentment and well-being within your mind
  • a feeling of loving and being loved
  • a feeling of peace within yourself
  • a feeling of deep satisfaction with yourself and your circumstances
You’ve Been Looking for Happiness 

After defining Happiness, Rev. Ike reveals this shocking truth: If you have been seeking Happiness in someone else or in other people…

…you have been looking for it in the WRONG PLACE!

As you listen, you learn that Happiness is NOT something that you find outside of yourself, in other people, other places, and things.

You Must Find Happiness Within Yourself, 
Within Your Own Mind.

You are not going to be happy with anyone else until, first of all, you become happy with yourself.

When you find that innate, God-given capacity to be happy within yourself, then you will find Happiness in sharing love and friendship with other people.

You can only find in other people 
what you have first found in yourself.

Your eyes will be opened as Rev. Ike explains why you should not give someone else the responsibility for your Happiness — and you should not blame anyone else for your misery.

And he goes on to give good advice to women (and men) about seeking happiness in relationships — and why we sometimes attract the wrong people into our lives.

Learn the Techniques for Creating Happiness

As you continue to listen to this teaching you discover HOW you can CREATE your own HAPPINESS!

You come to the realization — to the understanding — that you have the power to be happy already within you — that this divine presence that dwells in you already contains the fullness of joy that you need.

Once you realize and activate this power of Happiness within your own being, within your own mind… then you will draw happy people to you…you will draw loving people to you!

With a Powerful Affirmation Treatment 
You ‘Make Up Your Mind’ to be Happy!

Finally, you repeat with Rev. Ike an empowering Affirmation and Visualization Treatment that conditions your mind to give and receive joy, happiness, and pleasure in your life!


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