Breaking The Death Habit

Breaking The Dead Habit With Leonard Orr

Leonard Orr

I Am Now In Life; Therefore My Urge To Live Is Stronger Than My Urge To Die.


Immortality thinkers have written affirmations that are used to establish certainty and clarify their thoughts. You can write these ideas down several times a day, or record them on a CD and listen to them repeatedly.

I am now in life; therefore my urge to live is stronger than my urge to die. As long as I continue to strengthen my urge to live and weaken my urge to die, I will go on living in health, happiness, and in great relationships.

I am now very pleasant to myself in the presence of my parents, my beloved, my friends, and other people; they are all very pleasant to themselves in my presence.

I am no longer afraid of my own anger or that of others because under all that is divine love. I always know what to do.

Om Namaha Shivaya

This means that God is the highest self of all. My cells, my limbs, my organs, earth, air water, and the fire of my body are filled with the eternal self.

You can repeat this mantra twenty-four hours a day until he fills every cell and breathing. You can say it or sing it in silence or out loud. It is the supreme eternal affirmation.


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