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How To Claim Life’s Vast Benefits

When problems come to you, it is not because God wants to have them but because you have been disobedient to the practice of praise and thanksgiving. Through the miracle act of giving thanks first, all obstacles can be overcome.

From someone came this report on the miraculous power of thanksgiving:

“Wonderful things are happening in our lives since I started praising and giving thanks! Everything is falling right into place, and better than we could have hoped for.”

“Even our originally very confused and hopeless-looking marriage situation has now reached a stage that allows both my husband and me to feel at peace and, most of all, helps out children grow up undisturbed by their parents ‘problems.

“And I have found my right job. I prayed about this for two years. I am now in the process of beginning a very special teaching career that allows me to use my talents in the very best way, and to help many people. This is certainly the work I am destined to do. I cannot overestimate the power of praise to straighten out conditions and to make things right in one’s life.”

You can receive the vast benefits available to you from the prosperity law of thanksgiving when you dare to give thanks first!

This is the miracle law of prosperity that miraculously clothed and fed the Hebrews during their forty-year sojourn in the barren desert. This same miracle law of prosperity can provide for you in your barren periods, too, in ways that seem just as miraculous!

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